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 We are Daria and Alex.


With the enthusiasm for service and creating a unique environment, in March of 2014 we founded our company WAVE in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The goal was to bring a fresh approach to the 'stuffy' Russian food scene. We occupied a new niche of organic craft (gourmet) burgers. We personally created every recipe. We offered burgers of exclusive Wagyu Beef, Chicken, Crab, Vegan, etc., “Black Burgers” [grilled Wagyu beef, homemade black buns made with squid ink, black cheese, black sauce], WAVE's famous, cake-sized “Biggest Burger in the City”, Poke and other interesting food experiences came from our extensive travels. It was an instant hit. Beginning in 2014, WAVE was one of the most successful and best burger restaurant in Russia. The service was just as often noted as the delicious food, and that was what keeps customers returning.


In 2014 WAVE was voted the “best burger restaurant” by Time Out, in 2015 WAVE got the Certificate of Quality by Yell, in 2016 – 2018 WAVE received the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor and was #1 restaurant in Saint Petersburg. WAVE had a high rating on Google, Foursquare, etc. Travelers from around the world put WAVE on their “must visit” list for Saint Petersburg.


Nevertheless, we always had a dream to live next to the ocean that’s why in 2016 we moved to SoCal. In May 9, 2017 we registered WAVE in US with an idea of expansion for a first location here in California. We continued to manage our restaurant on the distance because we  didn't want to sell or shut down our project in Russia but, unfortunately, we had to close it in September 17, 2018 due to decreasing economy, our decision to stay in SoCal permanently and other obstacles. It was one of the hardest decisions in our life. We even thought to stop our restaurant way. On the other hand, we believe that everything happens for a reason and it’s always better to be positive and keep moving forward. One day we realized that we missed times when we made guests happy with our dishes, service and atmosphere, when we cared about others, when we created something new. Moreover, we couldn't find in California WAVE style burgers and other dishes. That's why we decided that it's time to introduce our burger vision to all of you. Drawing our restaurant business experience, we decided not to open a brick and mortar location first. In March 2019 we started to deliver WAVE's famous cake style party size SICK FUN BURGERS and host gourmet Pop Up Events.


Our project WAVE is about our passion to create choice for everyone, to fit polarized views into one concept, to unite and to make others happy. Alex is omnivorous, Daria is plant-based. Nevertheless, both of us think that everybody is unique and it's always better to listen to your own body and in the same time to respect choices of others.

Eat your way.



In March 27, 2019 our brand celebrated its 5th Birthday. We’re so excited about it and our new adventure with all of you.


Much Love,

Daria and Alex

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